Our Services

Interpersonal Issues

We offer psychological services for a range of interpersonal issues such as:

  • High School students dealing with stress, study difficulties and exam prep techniques
  • University students struggling with balancing work loads and exam prep techniques
  • New Graduates transitioning from uni to work
  • Adults of all ages in transitional spaces such as becoming single, entering a new relationship, your adult children and your new relationship
  • Professionals with work life balance issues, dealing with difficult personalities within management and workplaces,
  • Executives who require a confidential space to discuss workplace and personal performance concerns
  • Individuals who have experienced childhood or adult onset trauma
  • Individuals who have experienced complex childhood attachment trauma that may be impacting on intimate relationships in the present
  • Commencing or leaving FIFO work structure
  • Work-based travel impacts on self, relationships and/or family
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