Our Team

Humna Tariq

Doctor of Medicine Student

Administrative Team

Humna is currently studying postgraduate Medicine at the University of Notre Dame. She has an undergraduate degree in Anatomy and Physiology and previous experience in child and women’s advocacy through her volunteering positions at Perth Children’s Hospital, Refugee Women’s Shelter and Muscular Dystrophy Australia.

Our receptionists welcome all clients with a warm and friendly attitude. Our wellness board is a collaborative showcase of apps, podcasts, quotes and mindfulness tips from both our Psychologists and Receptionists, so feel free to ask them any questions about it to learn more.

At Calibrate, Humna contributes to the team’s role in payroll, supporting and training new staff as well as organisational administration duties. She enjoys continued learning of a variety of mental health conditions and assists in research of resources regarding psychiatrists, mental health programs and well-being resources relative to anxiety, ADHD and attachment within the practice.