The Holidays

Christmas is coming again! If you haven’t already bought and wrapped your gifts, organised the lunch menu or made lovingly hand-crafted decorations throughout the previous months, then read on. 

Start to notice what you’re looking forward to about Christmas, perhaps it’s surprising someone with a special gift, maybe the chance to be with a family member for an extended period of time, do you just love decorating your home, do you really enjoy Christmas baking, do you really enjoy hosting in your home? ask yourself these questions.

Close your eyes and breathe and notice what you’re longing for this Christmas and mindfully tune into the process of bringing that to life. You will notice more energy and vitality, more focus and clarity perhaps some precious memories of past Christmases will show up for you. 

Make a timeline list (instead of a to-do list) of all that you have to do during the holiday period.  Notice the timeline, and absorb the information in front of you. Not everything needs to happen at once. See the gaps, the days when there is less to do, and notice that many things can be done online with little energy out-put such as ordering a ham or turkey, or ordering gifts for those loved ones who have very specific hobbies and gift requirements. Do those tasks and relish in the experience of ticking those actions off the timeline. Feel the space you create within yourself each time you tick something off the list. 

When the next activity on the timeline has passed e.g child’s dance concert, school graduation ceremony, partner’s work function, your work Christmas function and secret Santa gift – notice how more space inside you opens up as you progress through your timeline. Focus on what you’re doing right now and delight in the moments of joy and connection that you experience as you work through your timeline. Focus on tiny moments of mastery. This will help you feel less fatigue and overwhelm and help your brain store the most precious of these experiences in your memory banks. Remember to keep your timeline for next Christmas, as the template will simplify your planning for years to come.

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