5 Ways to Thrive in November

So it’s the beginning of November – the official start of the corporate, school and community end of year Christmas celebrations. For many of us this time is characterised by physical and mental fatigue, endless lists, financial stressors, and low enjoyment. What if a few relatively minor adjustments could change our experience of this time of the year?

Let’s imagine for a moment that Christmas Day is our marathon date and consider how to schedule our training this month.

Schedule training dates with yourself

10 mins per day & 1 hr per week. You may split your 10 mins into two 5 min segments. In that time practice deep rhythmic breathing, your favourite mindfulness activity, meditation, or journaling. In your 1hr per week date, draw, paint, sculpt, walk, dance, journal you choose. Set up your dates with yourself respectfully – don’t cancel on yourself, value you.

Schedule hydration

Start using your apps & devices to monitor your water intake and take the pressure off us to remember to hydrate. This is a very social time of the year: lots of functions, increased alcohol consumption, increased access to sometimes foods, increased work pressure, increased social engagement pressure and so your body will need more help.

Schedule lunch

Pack/buy nutritionally balanced lunches this will help with fatigue & stress it will also schedule a break that will reward you with improved concentration, reduced fatigue, and increased energy. You will be less likely to eat the non-nutritious snacks at work. Try to eat lunch close to the same time each day.

Schedule sleep

Use a sleep meditation on your favourite app to improve sleep quality. You may be getting less sleep due to the increased social workload so let’s try to optimise the sleep you get. Use side lamps in your bedroom instead of bright overhead lighting. Use a diffuser with your favourite essential oil: lavender or specialty sleep blends can help create a calming ambience. A few yoga poses, especially viparita karani “legs up the wall” or balasana “child’s pose” may be helpful to incorporate into your bedtime schedule.

Schedule morning deep rhythmic breathing

Use a morning routine of deep rhythmic breathing. Instead of hitting your snooze button and returning to sleep hit the snooze button and commence your deep breathing. Notice the calming and regenerative effect it has one your morning routine.

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