Our Calibrate Christmas Message

Hello Clients,

It has been a pleasure to treat you on your wellness journey this year. A training opportunity I attended this year (virtually) addressed the need to hold space (make safe space for expression of emotions) and contextualise (help situate client experience within the socio-politico wider context) during the COVID-19 period. The presenter (Esther Perel one of our practice heroes) is testing the hypothesis that this contributes to therapist burnout rates at present (no need to worry about me I’m fine).

As the seminar unfolded, I wondered if we are all feeling the strain of holding space and contextualising for our loved ones, children, partners, colleagues, our teams, our organisations, and our friends.  In this time of uncertainty and global distress it’s easy to underestimate the impact of this load on our emotional and cognitive resources. Perhaps this is the time of the year when we can prioritise time to stop, pause and consider these impacts on us.

Many clients became particularly skilled at incorporating daily wellness into their lives during 2021. Perhaps this could be a space from which to consider how much daily wellness do I need and how are those practices best incorporated into my already jam-packed schedule? In session we often talk about micro-mindfulness, those small daily actions that we simply attach to mindfulness: washing hands, drinking water, driving, drinking hot beverages, eating lunch and so forth. Many of you reduced screen time this year including some of you reducing social media time. Many clients incorporated daily medication practice, some of you began a daily breath work practice. Many of you exercise daily or practice Yoga or Pilates in a mindful manner.

Perhaps this can be a time when we breathe, sing, dance, laugh, listen, eat, and embody those Christmas and holiday experiences and notice what happens in our bodies. This way we can remember that we are so much more than our thoughts….

We look forward to welcoming you back to our practise in 2022 where our focus will continue to be on Wellness. We wish you and those you love a restorative, regenerative and joy filled holiday break.


Carmel and the Calibrate Team.

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